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We___________________________________ and___________________________________of legal age, being in fullenjoyment of our civil rights, make known that by these presentswe constitute Mr. __________ ______________________, practicingbefore the courts of the Republic of Mexico, specialattorney-in-fact to represent us in the Courts of competentjurisdiction of the State of ____________________________ herebyauthorizing him to file a marriage contract______________________ until recording is obtained, to whichassent is expressly given, having special power to interposethe recourses of revocation; appeal proper challenge with orwithout cause of all classes of officers and judicial employees:to interpose the ordinary and extraordinary recourses of theCivil and Federal Laws, with power to make exceptions to any ofthem. To appeal before any competent authority, municipal oradministrative officers for the purpose of any petition havingrelation to this Power of Attorney, with the right tosubstitute the same to a third person if such be necessary.




MEXICO Stateof___________________________________

On this________day of___________     A.D. 200__

before me, aNotary Public in and for _______________personally appeared_____________________  known to me to be the person whosename is subscribed to the within instrument, and acknowledged tome that _____________________________ executed the same.

IN WITNESSWHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official sealthe day and year in this certificate first above written.